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Taktika Nova - New user registration
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    New user registration

    Online editions of Home or Pro dictionaries can be used from any computer connected to the Internet. For its use it is necessary to have a username and a password.

    If you have become a user of some of our online dictionaries, you can activate your subscription using one of our websites.

    Follows the activation procedure described in detail, in case you run into some problems, please contact us
    phone +385 1 2326 100, Mon-Fri 9-16.

    XH dictionary activation
    Username and password are selected by the user himself during the product activation procedure. The product activation is completed on the website with the address given in the instructions for the product activation by entering Licence number and Initial password.

    Subsequently the website for entering the user data will open. On that site you select the desired username and password. Choose a username and a password that are easily remembered and take care to keep them secret from the third parties. It is very important to fill out this form by entering the correct e-mail address since all further communication between the system user and the administrator is carried out via this address.


    After completing all the fields, press the button [Submit].
    If you have any questions or problems concerning the product activation, please call us
    phone no +385 1 2326 100, Mon-Fri 9-16.

    Professional dictionary EH.Pro enables the creation of user glossaries and the immediate adding of new specialised translations.